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Hand Sanitizer – Remove Corona Virus

The covid19 Pandemic has taught us all a lesson of a lifetime in a span of less than a year. The death toll across the globe describes the severity of the situation caused by an invisible virus. It has made us all realize the importance of hygiene in daily life. Hands are the first mode of transmission of microbes and infections. Hand-washing is critical in food production, food service, and also important in healthcare settings, homes, and daycare preparations.

Hands are the primary mode of transmission of microbes and infections, Hand hygiene is, therefore, the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevent infections. To protect the skin from harmful micro-organisms and to prevent the spreading of many contagious diseases, hand washing is absolutely an important precaution. Hand Sanitizer is a safe and effective formula of hand hygiene for everyone irrespective of the part of the world one lives in. It is important for all of us to practice healthy behaviors like hand hygiene, which includes using an alcohol-based hand Sanitizer, such as a Belsaherbal Hand Sanitizer. In the initial days of this pandemic, there was a buzz about a rumor that any sanitizer can counter coronavirus. It was only after thorough research and forwards of many medical practitioners, people started understanding the difference between an alcoholic and nonalcoholic sanitizer.

Types of Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are basically of two types alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Most of the people prefer an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, because of its prolonged efficacy. The alcohol-free hand sanitizer also protects your hands without drying them. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer which contains 60-65% alcohol is always considered as the best option when compared with its counterparts as it kills germs up to 99.9%. Many health care centers have demonstrated that hand sanitizer containing a higher concentration of alcohol is more effective than those having lower alcohol concentration or the non-alcoholic ones. As per the market requirements, now alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available in pocket packs of 100 ml as well. These are reliable and easy to carry for everyone. Hence, this type of sanitizer is always preferred for traveling purposes and in work zones.

Herbal Based Hand Sanitizer

The hand sanitizer industry has seen tremendous growth during the pandemic as panic-buying of hand sanitizers amid surging Coronavirus cases worldwide has accelerated the market expansion manifolds. With coronavirus infections adversely increasing daily, the demand for hand sanitizers has witnessed a gigantic rise since February 2020. Wal-Mart India also reported an unprecedented spike in hand cleaning product sales, compelling the chain to place limits on purchase. The pandemic is, therefore, likely to surge revenues for companies in this market, as long as the crisis persists. There is also a new breed of herbal based hand sanitizer that is blooming silently in the backdrop of this global catastrophe. There have been multiple types of research to avail of a natural alternative to hand sanitizers which contain lesser chemicals. Herbal oils such as Cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, menthol oil, and lavender oil have shown better antibacterial activity than others. The results of these researches suggest and support the incorporation and utilization of herbs in the formulations to give a better effect.

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