Try these 9 easy tricks to disinfect your kitchen

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Try these 9 easy tricks to disinfect your kitchen

Often you feel like everything that you cook tends to end up a disaster regardless of how well you clean. Most of us are exhausted after preparing a large meal with the dirty dishes that need to be cleaned after.

Do we still require 10 to 15 utensils? Have you ever used your bread maker, steamer, panini press?

Store things you use every day within the eyesight.

An object that is used repeatedly goes up or down in price. To use objects that are seen only rarely at the very bottom. Less commonly used utensils can be kept away from the kitchen area to maintain them in good shape.

We always refer to the above, and it is obvious from the greater amount of kitchen cleaning tips and techniques that have been produced over all the years by imaginative and sensible people across the globe. Any strategies to diminish the mess are as follows.

Kitchen chopping board.

Garlic adds a nice aroma to your pots, but it can’t be used on wooden items. To avoid odor, rub lemon on the board for a perfect cleaning solution. Salt produces a healthy rinse, and lemon juice leaves a sweet smell.


This range hood is scarcely seen even if it is integrated into the roof. It is undoubtedly one of the dirtiest areas of a typical household kitchen.

What do you do to get rid of the grease?

Without gasoline! Chemical performs well for getting rid of grease stains. Dip some microfiber cloth in some cooking oil and wipe the range hood to make it appear fresh again. Then, remove the oil using a spray bottle and paper towel.

Iron pots and pans.

While these pans are excellent cooking instruments, they will definitely get filthy if not washed up well. To scrub, rinse a sufficient quantity of sea salt on the base and rinsing this with a reduction by half. After rubbing in the salt, then wash off the salt with water and clean the pan dry.

To avoid pans from rusting, put them on low heat for around three minutes to dry out entirely.


Stop needing to contend with a filthy garbage bin in your apartment by sticking newspaper on the bin’s foundation and sprinkling baking soda in it. Baking soda is a terrific way to extract unpleasant fumes from the garbage.

Cheese Grater

Nothing is more annoying than cheese that got stuck on the grater. First, grate some potatoes and combine them with soft cheese. You may still use an old toothbrush to scrape sticky parts from the holes of the grater.


Experiencing odors from the kitchen sink? Do not fear, using part white vinegar and lemon juice will dispel the foul scent. Add a few cubes of vinegar and lemon into an ice mold a week to avoid kitchen odors. Both goods break down food debris in the drain and remove odor from the kitchen cabinet.


The newspaper may be used to disinfect the refrigerator and reduce odor. Lay several newspapers to catch the food stains and unpleasant smells. To hold it tidy, just remove the newspaper and replace it.


Removing sticky baked-on food stains from the oven is quickly achieved by deep cleaning using a combination of baking soda, water, and dish detergent. Bake mixture for fifteen minutes then cleans the cooled mixture clean with a wet microfiber rag.

Glass and glasses.

To clear sticky stains from cups and mugs, there is a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in the fridge. By applying this form, you can achieve a clean look in minutes.

If you keep cleaning the kitchen less, you would have more flexibility to do stuff that you love. See helpful tips that can help you out with that.

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