What Are The Tips On How To Clean A Sword?

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Taking care of your precious collectibles is a strenuous task you have to do your best. You need to make sure that you look after them regularly and don’t slip up. It can be challenging to keep up the hard work so you can always take some precautions. For the most part, all collectibles are made from strong metals which means they are not very high-maintenance. Regardless of that, there are some basic tactics you can apply to ensure durability and longevity.

When you think of swords, the first image that crops in your head is the large weapons of war and fantasy. But swords are so much more than, and they continue to be quite relevant because they’re classic. You don’t have to spend a fortune to collect them, because the local market gives you options for cheap swords. If you have antiques or modern replicas, gathering impressive swords and keeping them clean is easy.

Basic Steps to Cleaning Collectible Swords

You can apply some basic routines and tricks that will keep your swords as new as possible. But you have to keep in mind that different parts of a sword need to be looked after separately. You cannot clean and polish the blade the same way you’d treat the handle. So you need to remember specific things that will help you care the best way for your swords.

  1. Most swords are made from strong metals, as discussed before. They take a long time to show any signs of wear and tear. If you have collectible swords, do dust them with a dry cloth regularly.
  2. If you have displayed swords in your home, they get exposed to dust and moisture. You occasionally take them off and oil their blades and their handles so they stay fresh.
  3. Any sword will experience a change in color depending on the metal it’s casted in. It’s best to regularly polish your swords with wax to keep them shiny and spotless.
  4. Avoid washing them or even dipping them in water or using soap on them. Anything with a water content or alkaline base can oxidize the metal of the sword.
  5. The best thing is to keep them in a dry place where there is more sunlight. Make sure to never display your swords in a basement or damp space.
  6. For the wooden and carved sword handle, you can use shellac and polish to replenish them occasionally.

Can You Still Buy Real Swords In America?

There isn’t such a large demand for the production of swords since they’re not used as weapons. However, you can still find a considerable stock of authentic swords for sale in the market. Depending on the kind of piece you are looking for, you will get various versions. It is surprising how many people are still into swords and how many kids you can actually buy.

You can find a good range of swords at costume shops and comic book stores. These are the two places that carry the merchandise for video games and fantasy inspired swords. If you are looking for something more medieval and ancient, pawn shops are a good place to look.

There might even be some sports stores that carry actual fighting swords like katanas and rapiers. People enjoy fencing and martial arts and these activities require actual swords that are readily available. You will most likely find a larger collection of all these blades in online stores.

Swords For Collection – Where To Look?

If there is one resource you should check out for a cool sword, it’s an online store. They usually have the latest merchandise and design that you will appreciate. Here are a few swords you will find on sale online which might interest you.

  • There are fewer swords more impressive than ancient medieval swords. While you might not be able to find something as authentic and old, you have plenty of good options. The Prince Medieval King’s Sword with Wall Plaque is a wonderful collectible sword. Not only does it come with a display plaque it also has elaborated detailing on the handle. It looks like an expensive collectible but it’s quite affordable.
  • Elaborately designed and regal is what you would commonly expect from a collectible sword. The Chinese Dragon Sword with Display Stand fits that bill perfectly. It has an ornate blue wooden scabbard with metal detailing and a sharp sleek blade. The wooden display stand adds another level of sophistication to it without being over the top.
  • One of the most famous swords is collectible memorabilia from films and games. The Goblin House of Gryffin Magical Wizard Collectible Movie Sword is definitely a high-ranking one. It comes with a jewel-encrusted handle and a beautiful crest design as well. If you want something to make everyone jealous, this blade would be one of those pieces.

Buying The Best, Keeping The Best – Affordable Collectibles

Of course, if you have a liking for buying swords and other weapons for collection, you want quality. But often getting something well-crafted also means that it costs you a lot of money. But as mentioned before, online stores can be your saving grace when it comes to getting affordable swords. The swords listed above are just a few examples out of dozens you will find online at PA Knives.

They are the most well-stocked and up to date resource when it comes to finding impressive weapons. If you want collectors’ quality swords that are meant for showing off, check their wholesale swords collection. Yes, you heard that right; PA Knives is a reputable, and affordable place to buy all kinds of swords. They are some of the only online stores that give you amazing pieces at half the market price.

You can find a large range of the best anime and cosplay swords you will ever need. Along with that, you will also see how well they cater to antique and classic weapon lovers. Their collection spreads from somber short swords to bejeweled decorative replicas to fantasy blades. No matter what you are looking for, PA Knives has economical yet high-quality swords for you to order.

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